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“Coaching opened up doors in my head that I didn’t even know existed, never mind what was behind them”. 
“Coaching helped me to recover from a very traumatic event in my life and has helped me to move forward in my life with confidence”
“Coaching gave me the confidence to deal with challenging situations at work.”
“Coaching helped me see my job it in a different light, which helped change my thinking and my attitude around it.”
“While changing my job was not an option, Coaching gave me a fresh perspective on my job.”
“….thank you most sincerely, for facilitating and providing a great training opportunity for frontline staff within the Department of Social Protection. Feedback from staff who attended the course ‘Managing yourself in challenging situations’, was most positive ......One member of staff advised me that he felt his coping skills had been enhanced/fine-tuned, following attendance of this invaluable training opportunity, to manage himself better in challenging situations.” 
Area Manager, Department of Social Protection Dec 2013.
From an Occupational Health Point of view having access to your service has been hugely beneficial and invaluable to employees at this time of uncertainty and stress …
The staff we referred to you have felt supported and satisfied with your service, it has brought them clarity about what they want, helped them overcome obstacles, low confidence, and insecurities by using tools and techniques that they can use again and again both on a personal and professional level. 
… offering them support and encouragement in a safe, nonthreatening and confidential environment.  On a personal level I am delighted to have access your service and going forward I wish you continued success. 
Caitriona M. CNS Occupational Health South Tipperary 2014 

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