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What is Coaching? 

Professional coaching is an extremely effective one to one process with powerful and long lasting effects.

It brings many wonderful benefits to individuals and organisations including: an appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with work, life and the attainment of relevant goals. The client emerges with an increased awareness, motivation and enthusiasm, but the powerful and essential component of coaching is transforming all of this into action. 

How does coaching work?

  • The coaching process utilises a client centred approach  
  • The client decides the agenda and explores what they want personally and professionally, while the coach keeps the process productively on track 
  • It allows the client to be listened to, supportively challenged and encouraged to achieve their goals 
  • It helps the client find resources to meet the challenges they face 
  • It is offered on a one to one basis, each session typically lasts one hour, and the number of sessions depends on the client’s requirements and by mutual agreement
  • Coaching is offered in a safe supportive environment where the total focus is the client

The difference between coaching and counselling

If you are not where you would like to be in life right now or if you find yourself in a challenging situation, counselling allows you to look back to help you understand how you got to this point. Coaching, on the other hand looks at where you are now and supportively challenges you to figure out, where you want to be, what you want to change and most importantly how you can achieve that. Although coaching can be powerfully therapeutic in its effect, it is not therapy or counselling.

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